our classes range from a slow stretch to an amped up sculpt. we’re here to guide you in whichever class you choose.

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The classic 26 + 2 Bikram series, heated to 105 degrees. This is a beginner friendly sequence and challenging to the avid practitioner. We guide you through 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. We focus on your breath and approach it as a moving meditation. A true detox for your mind and body; you will leave drenched in sweat, physically challenged and mentally prepared to take on your day. 

Hot Flow

A blend of vinyasa, hot and power style flows, practiced in a heated room. Build strength and stamina as you flow through creative and unique sequences.


Just Breathe

Yin + Meditation, heaven on the mat! We will guide you through several deep stretches and give you tools to let go physically and mentally. Give your mind and body a break and Just Breathe. 

Yoga Sculpt

Your favorite HIIT class meets Yoga flow! Practiced with light weights in a warm room. We incorporate strength training and stretching to give you a full body work out. Weights are provided and optional and modifications are always given.